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What’s London’s best places for photography in 2018 ?

What’s London’s best places for photography in 2018 ?
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What’s London’s best places for photography in 2018 ?

London is one of the most interesting cities in Europe because it is full of beautiful sights, breath-taking spots, and historical locations. The 8 million capital of England can surprise you with its attractiveness at any point of the day, therefore it is one of the greatest locations for photography. There are numerous places which you could visit for free and somewhere you might need to pay, see the list I have created especially for you below.

Stunning panorama view over Thames river, the Shard, the London skyline and cityscape from the skyscraper. Aerial photo over the big city.
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The Shard
Fall in love with the city of London by going to the Shard, which is the tallest building in Western Europe. Book your tickets for View from the Shard and experience the spectacular panorama through your camera lens. See more than 30 miles of the gorgeous capital, by accessing the viewing platform of the Shard which is on the top floor. ‘’It covers a 360 view so this is easily one of the most impressive places to see all of London.’’ ( As soon as you reach the top, in front of your eyes will be the glorious Tower Bridge, the majestic River of Thames and the historic architecture of the fast-moving capital.

Tower Bridge in London, the UK. Sunset with beautiful clouds. Drawbridge opening. One of English symbols
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Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge is another fantastic location to photograph both during the day and night and also free of charge. You could spend as much as you would like trying out different settings and compositions. Having the chance to play with long exposure during the night and capture the city lights reflecting in the River of the Thames and the boats passing by. The closest tube stations are Tower Hill and London Bridge and you will find plenty of spots where you could create new images for your portfolio. ‘’Bring along a nice telephoto lens if you want to get a good full frame shot.’’ (

 LONDON - August 13-2016: Picadilly Circus junction crowded by people on August 13, 2016 It's a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster, built in 1819.
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Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is one of the busiest locations in London, but it is also an awesome location for night photography. ’’The Times Square of London – Piccadilly Circus is in the heart of London’s West End and a meeting point for all the shopping and entertainment the capital offers.’’ ( Using HDR for good exposure is one of the key tricks for taking images there, also you could use a higher ISO with long exposure because the screens constantly change. Moreover, make sure you look around and use the puddles on the ground which would add to your photography by reflecting the numerous lights and billboards around.

Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK
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Westminster Bridge
Westminster bridge has been a huge inspiration for many artists and painters in the last 300 years ago. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest roads in London and was opened especially for Queen Victoria’s 43rd birthday. ‘’Westminster Bridge is one of London’s busiest tourist spots, connecting the Houses of Parliament with The London Eye and a range of attractions on London’s South Bank.’’ ( Westminster Bridge is also the finest location from where you could capture Big Ben and the House of Parliament. Make sure to visit during golden hour as it is the best light you could get, but also go earlier to save yourself a spot.

LONDON, UK - MARCH, 2016: People sitting in the Sky Garden, London's Highest Public Garden, known locally as the Walkie-Talkie located on the 20 Fenchurch Street.
Copyright : Dmitry Tkachenko Photo - Shutterstock Inc.

Sky Garden
Sky Garden or ‘Walkie Talkie’ as Londoners would call it due to its extraordinary shape is a skyscraper which features a stunning view from its top floor restaurant. On one side are the towers of Canary Wharf and on the other St Paul’s and Mayfair. After reaching the 35th floor of the enormous building, you would not only be able to try a nice breakfast or lunch but also take amazing pictures of London’s urban landscape. Getting the 360-degree view from the top of the Walkie Talkie building, allows you to experience the city even more with your camera. ‘’ Out on the viewing platform at the Sky Garden, you can get an amazing view of one side of London with a clear-cut view of the Shard.’’ ( Furthermore, you will be 155 meter up in the sky and should not miss to check out the outside terrace where you could grasp more from the view.

Millennium Bridge leads to Saint Paul's Cathedral in central London at night
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Millennium Bridge
Another amazing location for taking photographs is Millennium Bridge, which is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians only, located between Southward Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. You can capture the uniqueness of this architectural invention, but also photograph the sights that you see from its heights. The Millennium Bridge is also perfectly aligned to create the illusion that it ends at the south facade of St Paul's Cathedral. One tip is to carry a tripod with you so that you could capture either the movement of people during the day or the city lights during your night shoot. ‘’The best view is located on its south side.’’ ( If you want to photograph it without the crowds of people, then make sure to come early in the morning.

LONDON- JANUARY, 2018: Panoramic view of Covent Garden market, an iconic landmark at the heart of London's West End popular for its fashion shops and food outlets
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Covent Garden
Moving away from the center to the West End of London city, you can discover Covent Garden. This is a very beautiful market area, where different decors are used during all holidays and seasons. The venue has bars, restaurants, shops, market square, street entertainers and even its own opera house. ‘’A bit of the character has probably been lost, but it's amazing that the original buildings survived and it's still a really important, central part of the city.’’ ( Plan your visit in the early morning or in other off-peak times when it won’t be very busy and you will be able to take your best shot. Furthermore, a good wide angle lens will come handy in the capturing of the majestic architecture of this hundred years old market.

Exploring London with a camera is exciting and the best way to add new fresh pictures to your portfolio. The gorgeous architecture along with the history that comes and the surrounding urban landscape is definitely worth seeing. Visit the capital of England at any point of the year and you won’t regret discovering dazzling spots illuminated by the sun rays or even covered with snow.

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