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What Stock Photos Are Most Popular and Trending Now in 2018

What Stock Photos Are Most Popular and Trending Now in 2018

What Stock Photos Are Trending Now in 2018

Stock Photography is a thrilling way of actually making a living with photography, so if you are passionate enough about photography, making some income with it has been definitely in your head for a while now. It is true that stock photography is a very crowded place, but thanks to the modern state of photography, there is always a place for newcomers, you just need to be aware of the current stock photography trends, and of course, you need to be able to create the fresh image that people will love. There is nothing worse for a business to use stock images that have been extremely used by other companies (even when they aren't even related to their market).

We can't guarantee you success by telling you exactly what to do, therefore we can't give you a secret recipe to follow for achieving it. Nevertheless, by being aware of how trends work, and by making your homework, we can guarantee you that you'll have a clearer perspective of how the business of stock photography works.

Let's start by watching the 1. Color

We don't know how exactly a concept can develop into actually becoming a trend, but what we do know is that color is one of the medullar elements of any trend. Since 1999, Pantone (one of the main authorities when it comes to color) has been making a yearly publication in which they state which color will be trendy in the next year. We are sure that they have a whole team of experts analyzing stuff before making such bold statements. Ultra-Violet is the color that they said would be a trend in 2018. Not every photograph that you make should correspond to this color trend of course, but you should consider it for some of them.

Ink in water isolated on white background. Rainbow of colors

2. Soft Colors

Pastel colors have been a trend for some years now as well as the vintage movement. We don't know how much it will be with us, but it doesn't seem to be leaving for now. Therefore you should consider images with soft pastel colors. There are plenty of images out there for you to look and analyze as a reference, and after some thinking, you would be able to create unique and beautiful images to publish out there.

A soft cloud background with a pastel colored orange to blue gradient.

3. Big Money

One of the smartest moves when creating stock images is to watch out for the companies that make serious investments for their campaigns and advertises and make images that go in line with their core businesses. Nowadays Healthcare, Lifestyle, and Education are some of the biggest business out there. 

Businessman carries on his two arms his big piggy bank for economy purposes saving money is very important. A contemporary style with pastel palette soft blue tinted background. Vector flat design

4. Soccer

The main soccer event is just around the corner, and many businesses are centering their commercial strategies towards soccer crave from people. Almost any solid business is taking the 2018 FIFA World Cup as a perfect excuse for creating promotions that encourage customers into buying their products and services. Try to create some soccer related stuff, you are still on time even when is a little bit tight right now.

5. Privacy

Due to the recent events surrounding Facebook's privacy failure, many companies have been taking their users' privacy more seriously. Therefore privacy in terms of technology has become a very recurrent topic out there, and images that illustrate this are perfect now.

LONDON, UK - FEBRUARY 5th 2018: Facebook security issues. Silhouette of a hand holding a padlock infront of the facebook logo

6. Demonstrations or Protests

Many countries are making their way through the headlines thanks to social demonstrations, and several businesses are using protest-related images for a various number of reasons, so images of unrecognizable people protesting in crowds could be easy to sell nowadays usually with "editorial" license.

New York, NY USA - August 13, 2017: About 400 demonstrators attend rally against nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia ahead of President Trump visit on 5th Avenue near Trump Tower

7. Awareness

Awareness campaigns might be very specific for some purposes, but there are some topics that could be used for general reasons since companies are being drawn into social responsibility. For example, awareness photographs that are willing to make a statement about don't text while driving could be used by gas stations, car dealers, car parts business, tire shops, etc.

Adult and child hands holding pink ribbons, Breast cancer awareness, abdominal cancer awareness and October Pink day background


Last but definitely not least, LGBT imagery has become a big thing today, and we are sure that it will continue to grow as people has become more tolerant about LGBT communities having the same rights as regular people. 

Love parade. A group of people holding a huge rainbow heart. LGBT community. Human rights. LGBTQ. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art

Where can you publish your work?

Creating images is one thing, but selling them is another. In the past stock photography had only a few players, and it worked in a catalog-based business model. Luckily enough, we are living in a time where there are many options, and you can use them all if you want, you just need to comply with their rules, and you can start making money with your images. Some of the important places out there are Shutterstock, iStock (Getty Images), Dreamstime, Alamy and of course the most recent venture, Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia). If you are creating videos as well, strongly recommended joining Pond5, Storyblocks (formerly Videoblocks).

stock photography videography agencies logos

We know that you are an extremely talented creative photographer with a bright future in this business, and may find odd to be told what to do. But remember that you will be creating content for several clients, therefore you need to create stuff that big companies and fierce entrepreneurs will want to use for showcasing their products and services.

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